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We have been in the collectible scale model car business since 1975, bringing discerning collectors some of the finest and rarest miniature automobiles.


October 05, 2015

After many years of inactivity, we are hoping to update the AutoFare website in the next couple of weeks.
Thank you to everyone who has checked back over the last several years only to view the same, outdated content.

September 15, 2011

We will be adding many new models this weekend. Currently in stock are the new Chromes Talbot-Lago Figoni et Falaschi and three versions of the Ilario 1928 Mercedes-Benz 680 S Torpedo Roadster. Watch for photos this weekend. The special White Mercedes-Benz will be available by early October.

September 05, 2011

This will be an exciting month. This week we will have the new Chromes Talbot-Lago Figoni et Falaschi roadster. And for those interested in French coachwork, we have the new Michael Furman book French Curves, highlighting the Delahayes, Delages and Talbot-Lagos from the Mullin Museum. Later this month, we will have the new Deco Models DeVillers Delage roadster from Marsh Models and a spectacular 1928 Mercedes-Benz 680 S Saoutchik Torpedo Roadster from Ilario. The Mercedes-Benz will be available in three standard versions, along with a special version produced exclusively for AutoFare.

September 04, 2011

Welcome to the new AutoFare website. Please check back later while we add photos and content.

Models of Interest

6 September 2011 1928 Mercedes-Benz 680S Saoutchik

» Ilario Models

1928 Mercedes-Benz 680S Saoutchik

Special Edition, limited to 25 pieces, exclusively for AutoFare.

US$ + shipping   Model code: Special

6 September 2011 Delage De Villars D120 Mann

» Marsh Models

Delage De Villars D120 Mann

Available late Spetember, 2011.

US$ + shipping   Model code: DA2

11 September 2011 French Curves: Delahaye, Delage, Talbot-Lago

» Books

French Curves: Delahaye, Delage, Talbot-Lago
by Michael Furman

Authored by Richard Adatto, Claude Figoni and Shana Hinds, with contemporary photography by Michael Furman. Covering 25 different cars from the Mullin Museum, including historical documents and vintage photographs. Now In Stock.

US$95.00 + shipping   ISBN: 0977980995